Custom Keyboard to Schedule Meetings ⇢

I currently don’t use any custom keyboards on iOS since I haven’t felt the need to insert animated GIFs or emoji in my texts or emails. But now there’s a new custom keyboard that truly feels innovative.

The team who make the Sunrise calendar app have created a custom keyboard that helps you view your schedule and quickly send potential meeting times without switching to the calendar app. MacStories has the details:

Here’s how it works: whenever you’re talking to someone and decide to arrange a meeting, you can switch to the Meet keyboard to take a look at your schedule. Meet is a custom keyboard that requires full access in the iOS settings and that works on the iPhone and iPad. By default, the keyboard shows Sunrise’s week view with a horizontal visualization of your schedule that you can scroll by day and hour. Once you’ve found available time slots, you can tap to create a potential event, indicated with a blue block. Tap as many slots as you want, hit Confirm, and you’ll get a link; usually, this link is automatically inserted in the text field of the app you’re using, whether it’s Messages, Mail, Slack – you name it.

While it helps if the recipient of the message has the Sunrise app, this is not a requirement.

I think I’m going to have to give this one a try to see if it fits into my workflow.

Mike Rogers