OmniFocus for iOS Goes Universal ⇢

In a release a few days ago, the OmniGroup has kindly consolidated many of the features of the different versions of OmniFocus:

That means that as of today’s release, you can do the following things on an iPhone:

  • Use OmniFocus in Landscape mode with a Sidebar (iPhone 6 Plus)
  • Use the Review perspective
  • Create Perspectives (Pro)
  • View perspectives with Project hierarchy (Pro)

This release isn’t just about bringing iPad features to iPhone—we’ve also added a couple of items to both iPad and iPhone that were pretty popular with our TestFlight testers (thanks folks!):

  • Show a custom perspective in the Today extension (Pro)
  • Completely customize your home screen and place perspective tiles in any order using drag and drop (Pro).

This is a welcome change, as some of these features were previously restricted to certain versions of the app. The new features also work as advertised and are very helpful for getting things done on the go.

Mike Rogers