Remove Default Reminders on All-Day Events

I try to keep as few notifications as possible from popping up on my phone as I find them very distracting. I do like to keep calendar notifications active, because they remind me that I need to be somewhere or am meeting with someone. However, I prefer not to see the annoying default reminder for all-day events, which automatically fires off 18 hours in advance if, like me, your workplace uses Microsoft’s Exchange server and you create all-day events on your PC. What’s even worse is that Outlook does not allow you to change this default reminder to a time of your own choosing. You’re stuck with 18 hours, like it or not.

Thankfully, the MS Outlook experts at explain how to solve this annoyance. This requires a bit of poking around under Outlook’s hood, but it’s worth it in the end:

This macro runs when Outlook starts and watches for new appointment items to be saved. When it finds one, it checks to see if it’s an All Day Event, and if so, you are asked if you want to keep the reminder. While the tweaks here work with reminders, it can be tweaked to do almost anything when a new appointment or event is saved. [Visit the site for full instructions on how to create this macro]

What if, like me, you also use an iOS device and create all-day events from your iPhone or iPad? Luckily, the best third-party iOS calendar app – Fantastical (iPhone, iPad, Mac) – has the solution which can be found in the “Default Alerts” section of the app’s settings. Simply switch “All-Day Events” to “None” and the problem is solved:

Fantastical settings

Problem solved! By implementing the Outlook macro and the Fantastical setting, I never have to see those annoying 18 hour notifications ever again.